ACF Direct Case Study

Finance Solutions for Business

AXLR8 have worked tirelessly to develop a bespoke Proposal System, CRM and Quotation tool on our behalf. They have been extremely supportive.

Simon Rose
Managing Director

ACF Direct have been using AXLR8’s finance system for 5 years and this case study demonstrates why.  

System choice

In 2016 ACF Direct’s system was retired from the marketplace, leaving them in the position of having to research other options. They knew what they liked with their old system and wanted to replicate this elsewhere; being the software authors, AXLR8 was able to offer this to them. Additionally, AXLR8’s finance system had extra features that reduced the cost of compliance and increased the quality and transparency of their information for audits.

AXLR8 are widely used in the financial services community.  Our systems are used for investor relationship management, KYC, money laundering checks and many other compliance requirements.

AXLR8 are renowned for keeping all customer details, files, documents, notes, and correspondence in one place, enabling easy profiling of contacts.  This saves your team time that they can spend with clients instead. 

ACF Direct were able to benefit from additional automation:

  • Trigaware(TM) alerts you to important dates such as  imminent expiry of contracts or DPA permission, etc.
  • ExchangeVault stores emails, skype and other calls with clients’ files so that you never have to add them manually.

Project challenges

ACF Direct’s main project challenges were that they needed:

  • CRM
  • To be able to process proposals quickly
  • Calculator
  • Ability to find new customers fast
  • To be able to produce reports
  • To be compliant within their industry with ease
  • To provide information for auditing purposes


AXLR8 offered ACF Direct a cost-effective solution which addressed all their challenges in one go whilst giving them extra features that would benefit their business. Their main challenge was solved with AXLR8’s proposal management system as it processes proposals efficiently and with ease, including having the calculator they need for their day-to-day activities.


Extra features like the new AXLR8 portals made it easier for them to put more energy and be better informed in their client relationships; this helped them grow to where they are today.

AXLR8’s Mailing Manager enables them to send bulk marketing mailings to profiled prospects in seconds, so increasing their visibility in the marketplace, and ultimately bringing in new business.

AXLR8’s Trigaware system and ExchangeVault helped ACF Direct keep on top of their procedures to stay compliant within the finance industry.

Contact Field Marketing – Success through talent

AXLR8 have now been supporting field marketing companies collecting data in store for 15 years.

Our clients have taught us so many things in that time.  Likewise, they are always learning and solving new problems to help their brands and other customers.

To celebrate we have created this video to explain how CFM, a growing leader, is challenging the top players in the retail merchandising and promotion fields.

It concentrates on two current challenges.

Building and developing the team

Clients need to attract the best talent in these competitive times for all recruiters.  They then need to build, train and deploy their teams on client projects.  CFM have the talent management team in place to achieve this using the AXLR8 ATS and to work with trusted specialist long-term business partners to supply staff where required.

Field Data Collection and Client Presentation

The value added by good field marketing and merchandising providers is the immediate, high volume, accurate data reliably collected in the field (e.g. sales and stock numbers, competitor pricing, before and after pictures during POS and merchandising projects)

Volume collection

Using their AXLR8 apps staff are booked on projects and specific store visits and collect data in high volumes in store.  The system has to handle thousands of data items every hour from hundreds of store visits on multiple projects.  App reliability and central database resilience is of paramount importance.  At the same time the questionnaires must be flexible so they are easy to create and easy to change midway through campaigns.

Customised client portals

Once the data starts to come in, the numbers, reports, pictures and other information has to be moderated and presented well to their clients on a secure portal

The system allows CFM to concentrate on client engagement staff relations and creative ideas as they know the admin is being handled by a reliable system that AXLR8 has customised to their needs.

This means they can focus on client specific needs. No wonder they are so successful.

AXLR8 Cyber Essentials

We are excited to announce that we have passed our assessment for the current Cyber Essentials again this year! In November 2021 we are returning to Penetration Testing to update findings from 2020 from an outside expert party. In December 2021 we will be audited for Cyber Essentials Plus.

We can highly recommend the detailed, professional prompt and practical approach of RightCue Assurance who led us through the process once again. Thanks!

With their help we are now preparing for Cyber Essentials + in the next two months.