Was your data breached when Mailchimp was hacked?

You may not be aware that the AXLR8 system has a full Mailing Manager module, enabling you to send out compliant mailings and newsletters and report on viewings and clicks afterwards, just like Mailchimp (only better of course)!

Many MailChimp clients have had to move away from Mailchimp and embraced the AXLR8 Mailing Manager instead. 

On April 4th 2022, MailChimp acknowledged that their systems had been hacked, with over 300 accounts accessed. As a non-UK and non-EU company they have no requirement to inform the ICO (Information Commission’s Office) of the data breach. They have informed the public with a vague press release. You can read more on this by clicking here.

A further incident was also reported in August 2022 – read more here.

So are you hacked off? Have you had enough of Mailchimp? Are you thinking of moving your data to the UK, where the suppliers are under the GDPR legislation (If a UK supplier is hacked, they have to inform the ICO and customers within 48 hours – you don’t just happen across a vague press release online)?

AXLR8 provide a full CRM system in UK data centres, not just a Mailing Manager, for the cost of the Mailing Manager. Read more about the product here.

If you would like to talk further about the AXLR8 Mailing Manager, please call us on 01344 776500 or email sales@AXLR8.com. We would love to demo the software to you and discuss your requirements.