Our portals give you control over who sees your data; we supply portals for staff and clients, as well as bespoke portals tailored to your needs.

Here are a few examples of portals we have created for clients which help them become more efficient:


IT business: Client portal so clients can see all the Helpdesk tickets that have been raised, sorted by person, department, equipment item, etc.

Surveying company: Clients see their jobs and buildings that have been surveyed on their own portal. Risk analyses, action plans, photographs, floor-plans, e.t.c., are available online when required.

Service provider to estate agents: Clients see their new house instructions’ EPCs, floorplans, photos, video tours, e.t.c. and can edit and download them for advertising the houses.

Security Staff provider: Staff portal for thousands of door supervisors, event security staff and other professionals. The staff can prove their location when arriving at their shift and they can update their details such as address changes, new SIA details; bank accounts; changed telephone or emails; update shift, time-sheets and staff ratings; collect data on site; and many other useful functions.

Language services company: Clients can see all the interpreters’ jobs, translation work, invoices, and expenses on a portal so they can keep track of work. Simultaneously the linguists can upload work on the Staff Portal, report on progress, do their travel expenses and see their invoicing details.

Airport counter cover: Client can see all the staff and all the shifts on the rota plus all the sales and other field marketing data and analyses. All the individual brand owners can see their data, too without seeing other brands’ private data.

Field marketing and retail audit company: Staff see and confirm their shifts and collect data for brand owners. Teams of field staff have collected millions of data records and merchandising (point of sale) photographs in tens of thousands of shops using AXLR8’s hand mobile applications.

Theatre company: Theatre seat booking and concert auditorium seat booking system and membership portal with news, documents, club calendar and much more. AXLR8 Patrons’ portal with outstanding balances to pay and several other features for non-members.

Trade association: Membership portal with knowledgebase, committee notes and many other “members only”

Government information governance: Information Request Manager portal provides a list if information requests to be answered by their department – often applicant blind.

  • Thousands of people log in to AXLR8 Client Portals and AXLR8 Staff Portals every minute, 24 hours of every day throughout  year. 60/24/7/365.
  • Many of the above clients have grown and evolved their systems with us for five to ten years or more.
  • The AXLR8 client portals and AXLR8 staff portals are complemented by other communications media such as AXLR8 Auto-responders using AXLR8 Trigaware and newsletters using AXLR8 Newsletter Builder

We are confident we can quickly deal with your secure, private client portal and staff portal requirements. AXLR8 even did a dog owner’s portal once where the dogs reported their training progress to their owners.