FastTrack CRM

AXLR8FastTrack has been developed over eighteen years as a powerful CRM in use in private and public sector organisations in an enormous variety of applications: from Mortgage and Leasing broking in financial services through to electronic messaging, information request tracking and event management. Facilities include sales force automation, helpdesk, intelligent messaging, knowledge management and professional services automation.

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• established system
• implemented around the world
• developed in the UK
• designed and continually improved by successful business people for successful business people.

AXLR8FastTrack gets you closer to the needs of your customers and prospects. It automates the processes in sales and customer handling so that you have more time to interact with your customers on a personal level.
AXLR8FastTrack will help you to INCREASE SALES by intelligent prospecting, one-to-one marketing, support and many other facilities that take advantage of modern information tools to communicate with your customers.
AXLR8FastTrack provides helpdesk and support logging facilities to measure and improve existing customer satisfaction.
• improving sales effectiveness through better qualification.
• providing quantitative data for sales coaching and management.
• measuring marketing success and cutting wasteful expenses.
• improving marketing focus through targeting profiles and individuals in your prospects.
AXLR8FastTrack reinforces best sales and marketing practice and team work.
AXLR8FastTrack provides measures to control and improve your business – such as customer satisfaction, sales forecasts.
AXLR8FastTrack gives you MARKET VISION showing what customers and prospects need now and in the future.
AXLR8FastTrack integrates with your accounts system, email, MS Office, and integrates with telephony bringing enormous productivity improvements.
AXLR8FastTrack uses open compatible industrial standard components so that it works with your existing information systems.
AXLR8FastTrack is quick and easy to learn because it uses well known tools.
AXLR8FastTrack makes customer service staff immediately familiar with customers and prospects history and requirements reducing training and improving customer relations.
In short, AXLR8FastTrack will improve your sales and profits – especially in tough times