Film Rights Sales System

The AXLR8 Film Rights Sales system is aimed at film sales agents world wide.

Designed from the ground up to be the only system that a film sales agent will need for their customer processes.

Everything in one place.  The system is comprehensive covering sales, marketing finance and admin.

Saves money and time

Saves time and money because it replaces several time consuming and unmanageable spreadsheets as a sales agent’s title numbers increase.  Also it saves money because it replaces three or four disparate systems: perhaps an older film rights system, a CRM and a mailing system.

Features for Film Sales Agents:

  • Revenue and sales forecasting
  • Creation of a DM (Deal Manifest) short form distribution agreement
  • Creates and archives this and the LFA (long form agreement) with standard IFTA agreements or your own documentation
  • Sales order processing and payments accounting
  • Collections emails automatically chase debts using AXLR8 Debt Chaser
  • Full reporting of “Avails”: Films available in different territories
  • Records film titles distributor agreements for specific territories and prints out fully bespoke agreements including MG (minimum guarantee), expiry of distribution, etc.)
  • Records when film titles distribution rights will end for your reseller and hence when a film distributorship is up for renewal.
  • Reminders of film distribution Review Dates and Expiry/ Renewal
  • Allows interfaces with your website
  • Client portals
  • Newsletter broadcasts to clients and others
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • many more features