Mailing Manager

Keep in touch with your customers, staff, investors and other stakeholders, and market to prospects using AXLR8’s Mailing Manager.

No knowledge of html is required to create informative and professional mailers. Start with a “building block”, which has either come as standard with the product, or been created bespoke for you with your logo, design and corporate font, and just add your content. A familiar toolbar is available to help you change text colour, embolden text, and add pictures and links.

Then build your mailing list. The powerful search integrated within the CRM enables you to find all customers in a specific business type with “Director” in their job title, or all prospects within a postcode area that you met at a certain trade show last month, depending of course on how well your data has been classified.

Simply send the mailing out! Match up the newsletter with your mailing list. Choose your all-important subject line. Automatically add the informative mailer as a page on your website, and tweet about the content on social media with a couple of clicks from the Mailings page. The legally required “Unsubscribe” link is automatically added to the footer of any mailing with no user interaction required.

Lastly, as the mailer “lands”, within the Reports section you can see who has opened it and who has clicked on the reference URLs you sent. A further mailing list can be built from these interested people, or they can be flagged with one further click for your telesales team to contact. Give the recipients of the mailer a few days to open and digest the content, and then review the results.

The AXLR8 Mailing Manager will help you to easily keep your company name in front of prospects, and keep clients informed.

The Mailing Manager is also used to launch new products and send out surveys using AXLR8’s Questionnaire Builder.  These can be anonymous or not as you choose.  For example the recipient’s identity can be linked to test results where qualifications are obtained by candidates.

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