Acceptable Use Policy

AXLR8 (“we”, “us”, “our”) provide the systems on the basis of acceptable use by clients. This use must comply within the law and reasonable limits of capacity.

Capacity and user activity

This section refers to the amount of resources consumed at certain price levels. AXLR8 has to buy resources ahead for economies of scale and to pass on these lower prices to you (“The Client”).

As examples, there will be limits on

  • disk space used (or more accurately bandwidth needed to back up your files) We may need to ask you to buy extra back up space.
  • numbers of users who may access the system simultaneously
  • Use by other companies who are or are not affiliated
  • the activity levels of those users (for example the frequency of transactions and the bandwidth required per transaction)
  • TEXT/SMS message unit volume
  • AXLR8 Chat and Notification messaging levels
  • Maps online Lat Long requests for positioning staff or assets or venues.

Costs may be incurred by you (The Client”) for the additional capacity required. Additional options may be presented by us to you for consideration including consulting services to autodelete files and data according to business rules upon which we agree.

There will be a time limit on the acceptance of these options as AXLR8 will be paying for the extra capacity used or it may affect your system performance or the performance of others if you are on a share server. We will not allow a large capacity user to reduce the service for others and so reserve the right in extreme situations to throttle or stop a client system from harming those who have purchase capacity appropriate for their needs.

Acceptable content and use

Some contents and use may be illegal and we may ask you to remove it, remove it ourselves and inform you why we have done it. In extreme case, we may be obliged to report illegal activity to the police or other authorities.

Examples include but are not limited to:

  • fraudulent activity such as scams, phishing
  • Attempts at uploading dangerous files such as viral programmes or malware
  • organising or administrating illegal activity such as would be notifiable under modern slavery regulations in most jurisdictions
  • child or other abuse, pornographic or other unacceptable content
  • advertising outside local regulations – for example tobacco.

Because of the complexity of making judgments on the above and similar matters, you accept that AXLR8 may, after an appropriate warning delivered by email to one or more of your Super Users or commercial contacts – such as a director of your company, remove the material or stop the system. This breach will not in any way affect AXLR8’s rights to collect revenue owed by you to us.

Following reparation by you in a way that is acceptable to AXLR8 and at AXLR8’s sole discretion, the system may be restarted. However, any deleted content may have been permanently destroyed.