AXLR8 Maintenance App

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Keeping it simple

AXLR8 have created very simple, easy to use apps that allow busy mobile staff to work with the sophisticated back end systems of smart organisations. They can report faults, collect market data, test assets and maintain installed equipment and log all the information remotely. Even though the back end enterprise systems may be highly functional, the Apps are simple and helpful for the staff on site.

What does it do?

The AXLR8 Maintenance App has been applied as widely:

  • stadium maintenance
  • facilities management in office blocks, residential real estate, hospitals, factories shopping centres, etc.
  • asbestos surveys
  • field marketing
  • electrical, heating, comms and other utilities installations
  • fire installations and maintenance

How it works

The app has simple entry points and workflow for a variey of users (once they are logged in):

  • Location: knows my location and where assets and equipment items are as well as spares and replacements.
  • Fault and other reporting: one click to report a fault take picture(s) or video(s) and log the problem with any associated information required. This creates a “job” to fix, replace, etc.
  • Job tracking: my list of jobs for today
  • Calendar: what am I doing tomorrow, this week, etc.
  • Servicing and Testing: allows reporting of test results as well as up to date schedules of what tests are needed for every piece of kit (equipment, vehicles, assets, tools, etc.)
  • Private messaging facility: AXLR8 Chat provides a private company chat facility.

How AXLR8 Apps fit in with your enterprise systems

If you are a CIO or manager wondering how the AXLR8 Maintenance App will fit with your systems, here are some of the data and application areas we intergrate with. Normally, your AXLR8 ERP in the AXLR8Cloud would provide you with an intelligent data hub and run all the applications you need. However, we also have APIs if you need to connect to third party systems.

Assets: We hold all the information you need about everything from installed base equipment, warehouse stock, repairs bench, spares, vehicles, etc.

Testing: The system can store testing data and forward testing dates . It can alert managers and field staff when kit needs testing and what kit is available and compliant.

Finance: The AXLR8 systems collect and process finance data about assets, installed equipment including: depreciation, rental costs, maintenance overheads, insurance values and much more.

Location and mapping: estates, sites, buildings and sub-locations (rooms) so that you can guide the engineers to the plaes where the equipment or problens are and likewise, a reported problem autolocates.

Staff shifts and attendance: security guards and trades people can check in and out of locations ad show attendance for management/ clients on critical work.

Staff records: AXLR8 has an extensive staffing functionality for both PAYE people and self employed subcontractors. including applicant tracking, rights to work, vetting to BS7858, booking on to jobs, training and re-training and candidate testing with e-learning, qualifications maintenance, skills search, locality searches, time and attndance, payroll, and many more. These are documented on our AXLR8 staffing site.

Access data and ID: AXLR8 systems can handle check in and check out, access and attendance as well as card and other IPD kit production.

Job tracking: AXLR8 has comprehensive job tracking, workforce management and calendar functionality. It is in use by thousands of people daily in both commercial companies and public sector government organisations.

Automated alerts and messaging: The AXLR8 Trigaware ™ system can be set up to alert staff and management of events that need immediate action or timely reminders by email, SMS Message, or AXLR8 Chat notification service.

Flexible information gathering: Using AXLR8 Questionnaire Builder, surveys, reports and other data collection can change with your business needs.

Gerneral: The system is built in the secure AXLR8 Cloud and is offered as a subscription service (i.e. SaaS). As you would expect, there is a collection of systems admin tools to change screen vocabulary and field and drop down labels, create and manage user access, application form builder, a report builder and many other features for trained AXLR8 Super Users to manage the system and avoid steep consulting bills. It is basedu pon the established AXLR8 CRM system.