Survey and Data collection

With on-the-fly editing of surveys, your field staff can quickly gather data using our survey suite, which is then stored back into the system.


A survey tool will provide tangible quantifiable improvements in the time taken for data collection and further processing.

Once in the system, the collected data may be output for sevreal pruposes including:

  • client portals showing the results collected and reports you have written for them securely and privately
  • Spreadsheets to push into further analysis packages or BI tools
  • website presentations of public sureys
  • Word documents for physical reports and legal requirements. simple yes and no answers on your smart phone can translate into appropriate paragraphs and eve sections on a word document which is preformatted.
  • XML API to drive other systems
  • If a test, add a qualifications to a staff memebers’ record and allow them access to work requiring that qualification
  • many more

Surveys may include several types of data.  So an answer might be:

  • numbers
  • text
  • yes/no
  • limited ranges
  • multiple choice
  • many choices (tick boxes) or single choice (radio buttons)
  • pictures and video (for example before and after in field marketing or a trip hazard in a safety survey, lack of signage, general site photo, proof of delivery, building storm damage)
  • video
  • signature
  • etc.


Using AXLR8 Questionnaire Builder to create and edit surveys, you have maximum flexibility.  Surveys can be changed during the collection process.  For example, after ten surveys have been submitted, you might decide to ask much more detail than the eanswers to Question 5 are providing.  So add a few more questions on that topic. You might also drop Question 16.

Rely on AXLR8

AXLR8 questionnaires are being used to answer thousands of questions and collect thousands of data points across the world every minute.