Timesheets and Expenses

AXLR8 clients value their field staff  strive not to add too much paperwork to their already long days traveling.  At the same time, they need timely accurate and complete expense information as well as the recording of data required in order to bill clients.

Every day, thousands of field operatives across the world are logging their time and travel with easy-to-use AXLR8 mobile applications

  • AXLR8 Timesheets & Expenses
  • AXLR8 Delivery Driver
  • AXLR8 Job Tracking
  • AXLR8 Staff Portals
  • AXLR8 Survey Tools
  • AXLR8 Installed Base Inventory Management
  • AXLR8 Proof of Location and AXLR8 Check in/Check out

This means administrative costs and time are reduced for HQ and staff, expenses and proof of delivery  and timesheets are invoiced quicker and the cash is collected quicker.  Clients ultimately receive their service and reports/surveys more quickly and AXLR8 Trigaware ™ updates staff, HQ and clients on progress of multi stage projects and planned or reactive jobs period between order and delivery.