AXLR8 ATS Integration

AXLR8 ATS Integration

AXLR8 has been working on many integrations for the ATS (applicant tracking system). Now our clients can spread the net even wider in their search for new talent. We are all competing for the best candidates.

Integrations include Indeed, Monster and Rest Less as well as many others. We have several links with other HR tools you can plug into the candidate journey such as one way interviewing platforms like Willo. There is much more information about the AXLR8 ATS on our specialist AXLR8 Staffing site. Also, there are several explainer animations about our clients using the AXLR8 ATS like this, and this

Your talent management team can ensure compliance with hiring standards like BS7858, rights to work and automate the process using the AXLR8 Application Form Builder (AXLR8 AFB) and AXLR8 Vetting. For placing the adverts and job details pages on your website job boards, AXLR8 provides a plug in for well known CMS providers such as WordPress.

More information About the AXLR8 ATS is available in this article.

Audit trail

If you need to know who did what and when on the AXLR8 system, you can refer to the comprehensive audit data that is recorded as your users work.

This article from our public sector website demonstrates an example from workflow in a business area with very strict compliance compliance requirements. There are examples from our finance and staffing clients, as you can imagine.

However, the monitoring is mostly used not for compliance or establishing who was responsible for a change or for “Big Brother” staff monitoring. It is mostly used on a day-to-day basis for training and occasionally for diagnostics.

Audit trail data is also used for KPIs examples we have put into AXLR8 Reports (also spreadsheets, pivot tables and Power BI models) recently, include:

  • recruitment applicant tracking progress (time in different job application stages from application to interview, to hiring, etc.
  • sales KPIs – client contact activity rates, follow ups, etc.

Please let us know if there are audit data you need and your AXLR8 consultant will assist you to find an existing report or create a new report using AXLR8 RB.