Jurisdiction Specific Terms

AXLR8 (we, us) has terms of service that may change between jurisdictions in order that we remain compliant with local regulations.


In some countries different content is unacceptable and we may need to ask you (“the Client”) to remove it. In some circumstances, we may need to remove it without your permission. This has never happened before. However, we reserve the right to do so at our sole discretion

Regulation references

In different countries different regulations broadly cover similar functions. For example, the SIA in UK and S3 in Germany are rules which apply to the hiring and vetting of security staff. We will endeavour to use the regulations pertaining in the jurisdiction(s) in which your company operates. Likewise, to clarify with another example FOI2000 in England and Wales and FOISA 2002 in Scotland.

Regulatory Bodies

In different jurisdictions, different statutes apply are overseen by different bodies. In the above example of government information requests, The information Commissioner in England and Wales and OSIC in Scotland.