AXLR8 Training courses

Please find our online training course schedule for staffing companies here.

For other commercial and public sector clients, please check here for “Working lunch with AXLR8” online courses.

All Classroom based training courses are on hold for the time being, until clients are comfortable with attending our training centre. Currently our support staff are fulfilling clients’ training requirements online on a one-to-one or small group basis. Please contact us if this would be useful for you.

AXLR8 Training Courses are well prepared and delivered by experienced professionals who are also using and involved in the development of the facilities every day.

“The training gave me a thorough understanding of how I could manage and administer a system with 90 demanding, busy users!”

AXLR8 Super User and Business Manager Trainings 2020 

Cancelled (corona virus)

Course codeMonthDateDayPlaces left
NB, RB, QB, KB*January28Tuesday
Super UserJanuary29Wednesday
NB, RB, QB, KBFebruary25TuesdayFull
Super UserFebruary26WednesdayFull
NB, RB, QB, KBMarch10TuesdayFull
Super UserMarch11WednesdayFull
NB, RB, QB, KBMarch24TuesdayCancelled (corona virus)
Super UserMarch25WednesdayCancelled (corona virus)
NB, RB, QB, KBApril14WednesdayCancelled (corona virus)
Super UserApril15ThursdayCancelled (corona virus)
NB, RB, QB, KBMay5TuesdayCancelled (corona virus)
Super UserMay6WednesdayCancelled (corona virus)
NB, RB, QB, KBJune16Tuesday3
Super UserJune17Wednesday3
NB, RB, QB, KBJuly14Tuesday5
Super UserJuly15Wednesday5
NB, RB, QB, KBSeptember15Tuesday10
Super UserSeptember16Wednesday10
NB, RB, QB, KBOctober13Tuesday10
Super UserOctober14Wednesday10
NB, RB, QB, KBNovember10Tuesday10
Super UserNovember11Wednesday10
NB, RB, QB, KBDecember15Tuesday10
Super UserDecember16Wednesday10

*NB – Newsletter Builder (Mailing Manager)
 RB – Report Builder
 QB – Questionnaire Builder
 KB – Knowledgebase


The course pricing is set to cover the conference centre delegate fees.  When booking a place on and AXLR8 training course, we reserve it for you and so cannot sell it to another candidate.  Therefore, if you cancel 30 days or less from the course, we are left with the cost and so you will still be liable for payment.

Customised onsite AXLR8 training courses are available at £900 per day plus travel and expenses or £600 per half day.

AXLR8 Training Courses are also provided in the following subjects:

  • AXLR8 FastTrack User Courses (half day to a day customised on site).
  • AXLR8 Commercial Asset Finance processing
  • AXLR8 Job Tracking
  • AXLR8 Attendance Tracking and CheckIn/CheckOut (CICO)
  • AXLR8 Theatre Seat Booking an Patron Management
  • AXLR8 FastTrack Administrator (one day basic, two days for accreditation).
  • AXLR8 Trigaware Message Author (half day).
  • AXLR8 Trigaware Administrator (one day).
  • AXLR8 Event Management ( user and admin levels).
  • AXLR8 FOI Tracker and Admin (User and Admin levels).
  • Various customised development and IS related subjects including MS and open source systems (ASP, SQL Server, Linux, MySQL, Postgress).
  • MS Exchange, the main Open source email and DNS technologies.

Please ask your AXLR8 consultant for details.