CRM, Sales and Invoicing

AXLR8 Systems help your business find more clients and keep existing clients coming back.
A business may not be defined by its income. However, the revenue it collects must match costs for survival.  Over time, it will need to exceed costs if it is to innovate, grow and overcome adverse events – and contribute to the community.

  • Marketing functions such as newsletter and other communications integrated with social media provide measurable results.  This allows you to put in place the essential virtuous cycle of improvement.
  • Sales Automation tools integrated with marketing effort . Your sales force spends more time concentrating on client needs and relationships while your competition are still doing their admin.
  • Product launch and follow throuigh tools help innovative businesses like yours to develop new markets as well as the existing customer base.
  • Support ticketing, service contract maintenance and installed base inventory management are just a few of the systems that help your client facing staff to help clients achieve their business goals and never look elsewhere!
  • Sales metrics are second to none with a Sales Activity measures, Sales forecasting leave nowhere to hide. Quotation, Sales orders, Sales Invoicing and automatic payment chasing automate even more workflow.
  • “Cash is king”.  AXLR8 Debt chaser is automated to follow through on sales invoices and is proven to collect debts faster and more effectively in countless clients.  So the CFO/Finance Director in happy too!

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