AXLR8 are widely used in the financial services community.  Our systems are used for investor relationship management, KYC, money laundering checks and many other compliance requirements.

Generally, AXLR8 are known for keeping all customer details, files, documents, notes and correspondence in one place.  This saves enough time in your team to spend more with clients.  However, AXLR8 also have additional automation.

  • Trigaware(TM) alerts you to important dates such as  imminent expiry of contracts or DPA permission, etc.
  • Exchange-Vault stores emails, skype and other calls with clients’ files so that you never have to add them manually.

Obviously, these features reduce the cost of compliance and increase the quality and transparency of your information for audits.

Commercial finance intermediaries
We also have a popular system that has been specially developed for the needs of commercial asset finance intermediaries and funding brokers.  The system covers funder proposal and quotation management, client management for regulated and unregulated funding requirements.

More detail is available about AXLR8 Proposal manangement and our new links to Cassiopae Freehand can be found here

AXLR8’s sales and marketing tools are driving customer acqusition programmes in large and small sales teams.