AXLR8 Support during Lockdown 2

We really apprciate your business and hope that our support is up to scratch. Some things may take a little longer. The reasons for this are:

  • the requests are new because your business has pivoted and we are having to work out how best to support your changed processes. For example, an event stewarding company now doing supermarket queuing, doormanagers to security, countercover to NHS work, and meny more.
  • We have a slightly smaller staff complement.
  • Some comunication is harder with the slight distancing of working at home and not seeing you in your offices.
  • Client staff turnover means we are training many new people who have not previously been so involved with the system. This has helped us identify many areas for video training and other e-learning tools which clients are trialling now.
  • Clients are asking us for more advanced help because their staff numbers have dropped. To survive, they must automate more. In many cases one or two people are left from a previous team of ten or twenty times that number.

For more information about our lockdown support service arrangements see this article.

Stay well and contact us if we can be of any assistance. Most importantly, please recommend AXLR8 if you know of people looking for systems.