AI developments

AI can help us with all sorts of work. We have been looking for about five years at how we could integrate the power of AI into AXLR8 product lines. Here are a few examples.

  • One simple success came from batch OCR reading of visiting cards brought back from a trade show or trip. It works really well with competing offers from MS, Amazon, Google and others. The offers are provided on a Freemium basis. Last time we checked you could use 1000 searches a month before hitting a paywall. Nowadays, however, more utility when entering data into your CRM comes from customer enquiry forms on your website or AXLR8 Import Admin for, e.g. your LinkedIn contacts.
  • The exploration of using AI to help with SAR redaction was mixed and we will come back to that in future. For now, however, I would describe the results as worthy of a Khaby Lame reactions TikTok video.
  • ATS (applicant tracking systems) seems a good area. Applying AI to recruitment strategies could really speed up onboarding staff for rapid deployments or growth. We are also looking at spotting issues with vetting and rights to work.
  • Optimising staff journeys and bookings for shifts in security, field marketing, hospitality and counter cover where we have large data sources to earn from is proving an interesting area of study.
  • We have seen some success with selecting funders but none more than an experienced commercial finance intermediary.
  • The next stage of our marketing functions would be if they autogenerated content and knew and could learn from e.g. campaign timing. Most of our clients need quality with low unsubscribe rates in their mailings so care would be needed. Can you spot one of our blogs that was co-written by ChatGPT?

We will see how it goes. If you feel an area of our products could be automated, please let us know.