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AXLR8 are specialists in Web based applications. We not only create attractive websites, but add the full database functionality of a CRM online to enable our clients to progress their sales, track jobs and parts, submit expenses, book courses and events ... the list goes on. Accessed from anywhere in the world, AXLR8Trigaware sends email alerts and reminders from the system when payments are due, contracts should be renewed, no-one has enrolled on a course, only 1 item is left in stock ... there are thousands of examples. Our clients allow their clients to log on securely to their AXLR8FastTrack system through their client portal to see their own data, answer their own support queries, book their own seminar places, saving huge costs in time and salaries.

You have the vision and leadership to guide your team and colleagues towards shared goals. Let AXLR8 look after the systems details for you while you build the business.

As our award winning portfolio of clients shows, AXLR8FastTrack and AXLR8Trigaware have been integrated into the systems, telephones and websites of our clients to create excellent solutions in eCRM, document management for compliance, e-commerce, event management, training, professional services and maintenance. These solutions are working in hundreds of organisations in more than a dozen public and private market sectors.




AXLR8 News

April 2011
Argyll and Bute Council go live with their new Freedom of Information Request Tracker system, with automated email reminders counting down days to ensure compliance

March 2011
New CRM system with quotation & forecasting modules for Simpsons UK Ltd, dye and pigment specialists in South Wales

February 2011
Launch of new HTML newsletter system, enabling our clients to produce the email themselves and then monitor who has read it!

January 2011
New staffing system launched

December 2010
Four more Government clients and 12 more large commercial systems this month - a great Christmas present!

August 2010
Annual AXLR8 Wellington College to Windsor Castle off road bike tour through Swinley Forest & Windsor Great Park. Good time had by all - same time next year!

August 2010
Local Health and Safety company QSUK launch their new website - click here!

June 2010
AXLR8 Triathlon headed for a record breaking fundraising year! An extra 80 competitor spaces, but still sold out 6 weeks early.
Still time to offer to marshal though - click here!

June 2010
Launch of new website dedicated to the needs of Aunts and Godmothers
See their new website

June 2010
Off Licence near Woking reopens rebranded as West End Wines
See their new website

September 2009
Nonsuch Mansion is brought back to life
See their new website

October 2008
Leicester County Council
Go Live with FOI Request Tracker system
Read more ...

May 2008
Relaunch of the Parkhomeseller site

now using the AXLR8 FastTrack system to sell Park Homes for long term customer Seekers Estate Agents