AXLR8 Debt Chaser

AXLR8 have launched a credit chasing product that will read from your accounting system who is paying late and automatically send preset letters, fax and email reminders to people who owe you money. 

Letters and calls can be preplanned with automatic generation of written communications to late payers and thrid party collection agencies as well as pop up call reminders.  These settings can be diarised to suit your business.

AXLR8 BS7858:2006 Staff Vetting System

AXLR8 launch Version 2 of the BS7858:2006 Vetting system module for event security staffing companies.  Includes vetting reports, vetting application progress, monitor and manage vetting activity audit trail as you record collection of proofs of ID (e.g. passport), proofs of address (e.g. utility bills and bank statements),  Employment history,  and collection of references.Also provides facilities intergrated with AXLR8 systems for checking only qualifie staff get booked on events (e.g.

Information Asset Register

AXLR8 provide many unitary authorities and commercial entreprises with information asset registers and document archives.Metadata collected during the document audit allows, amongst other things security access, retention policy expiry and searches.  For example, various groups can be allowed to read or edit certain areas/ items in the knowledgebase of an organisation.Whether it is the  board minutes, management accounts or the health and safety policy or technical support notes, the right staff, members, and clients or the general public can see them during their validity life time.

AXLR8 : Systems Increase Sales

AXLR8 are specialists in Web based applications. We not only create attractive websites, but add the full database functionality of a CRM online to enable our clients to progress their sales, track jobs and parts, submit expenses, book courses and events ... the list goes on. Accessed from anywhere in the world, AXLR8Trigaware sends email alerts and reminders from the system when payments are due, contracts should be renewed, no-one has enrolled on a course, only 1 item is left in stock ... there are thousands of examples.